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Announcement of Editors for IADVL books 2017

Apr 15 2017

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that the following members have been selected to the editorial boards of the three books, proposed as IADVL Presidential projects 2017.

Handbook/Text Book of Geriatric Dermatology

Editor Dr Vibhu Mendiratta

Assoc. Editor Dr B Leelavathy

Asst. Editors Dr Aarti Sarda

Dr Samipa Mukherjee


“User’s manual of systemic and topical steroids”

Editor Dr Neena Khanna

Assoc. Editor Dr Abhishek de

Asst. Editors Dr L Eswari

Dr Neetu Bhari

Dr Meghana Phiske


User’s manual on management of dermatophytoses

Editor Dr Kabir Sardana

Assoc. Editor Dr Ananta Khurana

Asst. Editors Dr Shilpa Garg

Dr Shital Poojary


Dr Ameet Valia
Chairperson IADVL Academy

Dr KA Seetharam
Convener & Chairperson Designate

Dr Deepika Pandhi
Convener Designate

Dr Yogesh Marfatia
President, IADVL

Dr Shyamanta Barua
Hon. Secretary General, IADVL


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