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IADVL Presidential Project- Books announcement

Feb 25 2021

Dear members of the IADVL,

The IADVL Academy intends to publish the following books as IADVL Presidential Projects this year

  • IADVL Research Compendium
  • Dermatology MCQ book
  • Innovations in Dermatosurgery

On behalf of the EC and the Academy, we are pleased to invite applications from IADVL Life Members for the posts of Chief Editors, Associate and Assistant Editors for these books.

The Editorial Board will be responsible for preparing the table of contents, inviting and selecting authors, following up with them to ensure timely submission, and editing and reviewing the content in consultation with the IADVL Academy and EC.

An editorial search committee, consisting of Dr Jayadev Betkerur (President, IADVL), Dr Rashmi Sarkar (President Elect, IADVL), Dr Kiran Godse (Past President, IADVL), Dr Feroz K (Hon Secretary General, IADVL), Dr Saumya Panda (Editor IJDVL Chairperson, IADVL Academy), Dr Deepika Pandhi (Chairperson, IADVL Academy) and Dr Dipankar De (Convener, IADVL Academy) will select the Editorial Board based on their experience in the subject (by way of publications, particularly original articles on the topic) and in writing or editing books or journals.

Please send your applications (in the attached form) with your brief CV to and by March 5, 2021.


Dr Devi K

IADVL Publications Co-ordinator


Dr Deepika Pandhi                                            Dr Dipankar De                    

Chairperson, IADVL Academy                        Convener, IADVL Academy


Dr Jayadev Betkerur                                            Dr Feroz K

President, IADVL                                           Hon. Secretary General, IADVL

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