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Announcement for Editorial Boards of textbooks under presidential project

Apr 12 2021

Dear IADVL members,

Applications were invited from IADVL Life Members (LMs) for Editorship of three textbooks under IADVL Presidential Project 2021- namely ‘Dermatology MCQ Book’, ‘Dermatology Research Compendium’ and ‘Innovations in Dermatosurgery’. The received applications were evaluated by the members of the selection committee comprising Jayadev Betkerur (President IADVL), Dr Rashmi Sarkar (President Elect, IADVL), Dr Kiran Godse (Immediate Past President, IADVL), Dr Feroz K (Honorary Secretary General, IADVL), Dr Deepika Pandhi (Chairperson, IADVL Academy), Dr Saumya Panda (Editor, IJDVL) and Dr Dipankar De (Convener, IADVL Academy) using a pre-decided, approved evaluation sheet.

The selected editors are as follows

‘Dermatology MCQ’

Chief Editor:               Dr Lalit Gupta

Associate Editors:     Dr Paschal Dsouza

                                    Dr Vishalakshi Viswanath

Assistant Editors:      Dr Ambresh S. Badad

                                    Dr Sabha Mushtaq

                                    Dr Shital Poojary


‘IADVL Research Compendium’

Chief Editor:               Dr Nilay Kanti Das

Associate Editor:       Dr Saritha M

Assistant Editors:      Dr Alpana Mohta

                                    Dr Amrita Sil

                                    Dr Divya Gupta


‘innovations in Dermatosurgery’

Chief Editor:               Dr Ashique KT

Associate Editors:     Dr Feroze Kaliyadan

                                    Dr Sanjeev Gupta

Assistant Editors:      Dr Deepak Jakhar

                                    Dr Jayasree Puravoor

                                    Dr Saurabh Singh


Our best wishes to the Editorial teams of the respective textbooks and we hope that these titles will fulfil our association’s aim of providing its members with ready sources to update their knowledge and enrich their practice.


Dr Deepika Pandhi                                                        Dr. Dipankar De

Chairperson, IADVL Academy                                      Convener, IADVL Academy           

Dr Jayadev Betkerur                                                    Dr. Feroz K

President, IADVL                                                           Honorary Secretary General, IADVL


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