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Announcement inviting applications for Academy sessions at MIDDERMACON 2021

Apr 12 2021

Dear All,

MIDDERMACON-2021 is being held in Mangaluru from Friday, September 3 to Sunday, September 5, 2021.

The IADVL Academy is planning two sessions (each consisting of three lectures and a panel discussion) on the following topics:


Academy session 1

COVID AND skin (90 minutes)


1. Impact of COVID on the management of inflammatory/ autoimmune skin diseases (15 min)

2. Cutaneous adverse effects of personal protective equipments (15 min)

3. COVID vaccine in patients with skin diseases (15 min)

4. Panel discussion- Negotiating our practice during the pandemic (45 min)


Academy session 2

Small molecules in dermatology (90 minutes)


1. JAK inhibitors (15 min)

2. PDE inhibitors in non-psoriatic indications (15 min)

3. Bruton kinase inhibitors and other miscellaneous small molecules (15 min)

4. Panel discussion- Future of small molecules viz-a-viz biologics in managing skin diseases (45 min)


All IADVL Life Members are invited to participate as faculty by offering to speak on any of these topics or moderate or participate as panelist in the panel discussion. As with DERMACON, speakers will have to arrange for their own transport and accommodation.


Please fill up the attached application form and send it along with your brief CV and abstract of the proposed talk to by April 30, 2021. Please mention the Application for MIDDERMACON-2021 Academy sessions in the subject line of your e-mail.


Best Wishes,

Dr Deepika Pandhi                             Dr Dipankar De

Chairperson, IADVL Academy          Convener, IADVL Academy


Dr Jayadev Betkerur                             Dr Feroz K

President, IADVL                              Hon. Secretary General, IADVL


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