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Announcement inviting applications for PG Thesis based award paper session at MIDDERMACON

Apr 24 2021

Dear members of the IADVL,


A postgraduate thesis-based award session will take place at MIDDERMACON 2021 to be held at Mangaluru, Karnataka on September 3-5, 2021.  The thesis-based award session will be open to all postgraduates who would have appeared for their exam by the last date of abstract submission (in this case June 7, 2021) or have cleared the exam in the preceding 2 years (after May 2019). There are 3 awards for this session and the winners (both the guide and postgraduate) will be awarded with a certificate and Rs 10000, 8000, 5000 each for the first, second and third prize, respectively.


Eligibility: The application has to be forwarded by the guide of the postgraduate. It is mandatory for the postgraduate to himself/ herself present the paper. Pre-registration for the conference will be mandatory for the postgraduate whose abstract is selected for this session. 

Please note that the thesis or any part of the thesis should not have been published or presented in any conference before the last date of abstract submission (June 7, 2021). Candidates who have presented the paper already at a previous MIDDERMACON or DERMACON are thus not eligible to apply.

For preparation of the abstract, please refer to the accompanying instructions. The candidates are also required to submit ethical clearance certificate from the Institutional Ethics Committee. An undertaking that the proposed thesis is their original study plan and there are no conflicts of interest has to be signed by the applicant, guide and co-guide (if applicable) and submitted. Any paper selected in this category, will not be considered for free or award paper in the same conference. 

The evaluation shall be carried out by the IADVL Academy members with a pre-structured evaluation sheet. The evaluation sheet accompanies the announcement to help in preparing the abstract.

Please send abstract with application form and required annexures to by June 7, 2021. Hand written applications will not be considered. Digital signature is acceptable. To avail MS word file of the application form, kindly visit and check this announcement.


Any query may be directed to


Dr. Sumit Sen

Postgraduate activities coordinator


Dr Deepika Pandhi                           Dr Dipankar De

Chairperson, IADVL Academy          Convener, IADVL Academy


Dr Jayadev Betkerur                        Dr Feroz K

President, IADVL                               Hon. Secretary General, IADVL


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