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GA2LEN Allergy School

May 11 2021

Dear members of the IADVL,

As communicated earlier, the IADVL EC and Academy are pleased to bring to India GA2LEN Allergy School in collaboration with Sanofi.

These are teaching programs including tests, lectures and workshops with interactive discussions including but not limited to the latest advances. GA²LEN faculty, both international and national, brings the expert knowledge and latest information on urticaria.

The two classes (approximately 3 hours for each class) this year are scheduled on July 4 and July 18, 2021.

As part of the program, there will be an opportunity for the IADVL members to present interesting cases on urticaria and angioedema in these 2 classes. The abstracts are to be submitted by attachments to email to be sent to The abstract submission is open now closes on May 28th, 2021. Please find attached the flyer for the same and the instructions for preparation of abstract and its submission can be found in the attached document. Kindly mention ‘Abstract for GA2LEN Allergy School’ in the subject line of your email. The decision on nomination of abstracts for presentation will be communicated to the submitting authors by email by June 20, 2021.

Please visit for registration for India GA2LEN Allergy School. Registration is mandatory before submission of the abstract.

Grab this opportunity to showcase your case/ work on a National platform.


Stay safe.


Dr Deepika Pandhi                                             Dr Dipankar De

Chairperson, IADVL Academy                         Convener, IADVL Academy

Dr Jayadev Betkerur                                          Dr Feroz K

President, IADVL                                              Hon. Secretary General, IADVL

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