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Announcement of selected candidates for IADVL Training Program_2022

Jan 25 2022

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the list of selected candidates for IADVL Training Program 2022.

We received 79 applications for 7 training centres.  Applications for each centre were sent for evaluation to Academy members with the pre-decided evaluation form. All results were tabulated and ranking done by taking average scores obtained.

The training courses are for 3 months with a stipend of Rs 30,000/-. All successful candidates will receive a certificate from IADVL after receiving their duly completed logbook, and completed feedback form from the candidate and their course director.

The list of the final results appears below:



Program Director (Alphabetically)


Selected candidates

Gandhi Medical College/ Hospital


Dr Bhumesh Kumar Katakam

Pediatric Dermatology

1. Dr Ashok Sudula

2. Dr Fareeha Mahenaz

Alive Wellness clinics

K-12 Hauz Khas Enclave, New Delhi 

Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra

Procedural Dermatology

1. Dr Ankita Tuknayat

2. Dr Bhavya Swarnkar

Vijaya Skin Hospital and Laser Center


Dr Dasika Subba Rao

Procedural Dermatology

1. Dr Sirisha Gummadi

2. Dr Tadi Sahitya


New Delhi

Dr Kavish Chouhan

Hair Restoration

1. Dr Tanvi Dev



Dr Sachin Varma

Procedural Dermatology

1. Dr SK Shahriar Ahmed

2. Dr Satarupa Kumar

Dermawave Skin, Laser and Hair Transplant Center


Dr Sumit Sharma

Hair Restoration

1. Dr Mubashar Mashqoor Mir

2. Dr Gangaraju Harish

The Venkat Center for Skin  ENT & Plastic                                          Surgery (Venkat Charmalaya)


Dr Venkataram Mysore


1. Dr D Akilesh Madhu





Congratulations to all the selected candidates. Further, details will be shared through individual mails.

Best wishes,

Dr Bhabani Singh/ Dr Malathi M
IADVL Observership Coordinators 2021-2022

Dr Deepika Pandhi                                                      Dr Dipankar De

Chairperson, IADVL Academy (2020- 2021)              Convener, IADVL Academy (2020- 2021) 

Dr Lalit Kumar Gupta                                                  Dr Rashmi Jindal        

Chairperson, IADVL Academy (2022- 2023)              Convener, IADVL Academy (2022- 2023)

Dr Jayadev Betkerur                    Dr Rashmi Sarkar                                Dr Feroz K

President, IADVL                    President Elect, IADVL               Hon. Secretary General, IADVL


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