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Registration scholarships to LMs & PLMs for attending 21st International Leprosy Congress 2022

Mar 29 2022

Dear Members ,

IADVL EC is happy to announce Registration Scholarships to both LMs and PLMS of IADVL to encourage them to participate and present their best Scientific  Research at this prestigious  21st International leprosy congress 2022, to be held in Hyderabad, India from 8-11 November 2022.  . 

There will be a total Registration fee Reimbursement at early bird registration rates  for all eligible selected candidates, who present their scientific work at this congress. 

Eligibility: The members whose abstracts are accepted for the presentation at ILC  would be eligible to apply for these scholarships.  (Visit the ILC 2022 website for the details on how to submit the abstracts and register for the congress

Number of Registration Scholarships available: 

·      For LM : 15  (For physical delegates only)

·      For PLMs: 30 (20 for physical delegates, 10 for web-based delegates) 


Categories of submission eligible for Registration Scholarships: 

·       For LMs:  Oral free paper / Poster / Short Video

(Number of scholarships under each category: 5 +5+5).

·       For PLMs:  Oral free paper / Award paper / Poster

(Number of scholarships under each category : a) For physical delegates: 6+4+10.  b) for Web delegates: 3+2+5).


You can write to or for any clarifications. We suggest all those interested to visit the conference website:

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