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Announcement for IADVL Glowderma Research Grants 2022

Apr 04 2022

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from IADVL.

To promote research in dermatology, leprosy, and STIs, IADVL invites IADVL Life members and SIGs to apply for IADVL Glowderma Research Grants. These grants are applicable for projects with a bearing on dermatology in the community. Multi-centric projects will be preferred. Please do not submit the same project under IADVL Research Grants 2022. Total budget allocated for these grants is Rs 10 Lakhs.

The research proposals with a well-defined study design, time-bound specific objectives, adequate sample size, clearly defined study subjects and variables, and appropriately described statistical methods will be considered for the grant.

Only duly filled and signed application forms with mandatory documents (refer to attached Application form 2) will be accepted for evaluation by reviewers. Applications will be evaluated by the members of the IADVL SIG Dermatology Clinical Research (SIG DCR) in a blinded manner; hence, please refrain from including any identifiers in part II of the application form, (including Clinical Trials Registry number or Institute Ethics Committee name). Comments from members of the SIG DCR shall be communicated to the Principal Investigator for consideration for modifications of the proposal to improve them further. The final decision on suitability for funding shall be taken by a Jury, comprising of IADVL Academy members.

The following conditions are considered before allocating grant

o Projects with a proposed budget of up to Rs 5 lakhs are preferable. Any project with a higher budget may be considered, depending on quality of the proposal, its relevance and importance in the Indian context, total amount available for funding and the number of projects short-listed for funding.

o If selected for IADVL Glowderma Research grant, another proposal by the principal investigator will not be considered for IADVL Research grant in the same year.

o At no point of time, a principal investigator can have more than two ongoing IADVL funded projects. In addition, the investigators will give an undertaking that this proposal is not a part of any ongoing concurrent funded research/ postgraduate thesis project.

o Successful applicants will have to submit proof of the Ethics Committee approval and registration with the Clinical Trials Registry of India (applicable for all studies approved for funding) within 6 months of receipt of communication on approval of funding.

o Disbursal of the grant will be in parts, as decided by the Jury.

o Projects will have to be submitted for presentation in DERMACON and for publication within a year of completion.

o The grant cannot be used for thesis topics, to buy instruments or equipment, or for projects longer than two years or partly funded by another grant.

o For a multicentric project, the principal Investigator will be responsible for its satisfactory completion and for submission of the accounts and project report. The budget requirement of each such centre should be given separately in the application form Part II, along with a No Objection letter from Head(s) of concerned centre(s). The project proposal should clearly specify the details of the Institutional Account to which the funds are to be disbursed if a grant is awarded.

o The Principal Investigator has to be the corresponding author mandatorily in any scientific publication(s) arising out of the project.

o Independent practitioners applying for this grant shall get ethical approval for their research project from independent ethics committee of their area of practice and shall need to furnish individual account details along with a signed undertaking, as for Institutional researchers.

o While coinvestigators can be of an allied speciality, a no objection letter from the head(s) of concerned department(s) should be submitted.

o Principal Investigators with two or more incomplete IADVL funded research projects (as on 10th May, 2022) will not be eligible.


Note: The Indian Journal of Dermatology Venereology and Leprology carries a guest editorial ( )(doi: 10.4103/0378-6323.152168) on the subject of preparing a research proposal that may be consulted when preparing the proposal.

The research protocols should be prepared in accordance with the SPIRIT statement downloadable from:


Please apply online through The link will be active from  12th April 2022 and the last date of submission is 10th May 2022.

The Application forms and mandatory documents to be submitted are available in word format on the website 

Any queries can be directed to with a copy to




Dr Chander Grover & Dr Joyeeta Choudhary

IADVL Research Grant Co-ordinators


Dr Lalit Kumar Gupta                               Dr Rashmi Jindal

Chairperson, IADVL Academy                     Convener, IADVL Academy


Dr Rashmi Sarkar                                     Dr Dinesh K Devaraj

President, IADVL                                           Hon. Secretary General, IADVL

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