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IADVL SIG Dermatopathology (IADVL Academy) Image Quiz (January 2023)

Jan 02 2023

Dear IADVL Members,


A very happy new year!


We are very happy to bring to you the monthly dermatopathology Quiz by the SIG Dermatopathology (IADVL Academy). Please find below a brief history of the case along with the attached clinical and histopathology images.


Send in your answers using the below google form by 10th January 2023Google form link:


The correct answers along with the names of members getting it right will be emailed on January 12th 2023.


Three members submitting maximum correct entries for the year 2022 will be felicitated with a certificate during DERMACON 2023.


We thank and acknowledge Dr. Kinjal Rambhia, Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology, HBT Medical College and Dr. RN Cooper Hospital Mumbai and Dr. Mayank Goyal, Consultant Dermatologist, Skin Aura Clinic, Nagpur.


Case history: A 40-year-old female presented with pain over the left index finger nail since many years.  (Figure 1).


Histopathology Images:

Figure 3 (H&E, 4x)

Figure 4 (H&E, 10x)

Figure 5 (H&E, 40x)


Instructions for members

1. To mention one’s full name

2. Do not mention “either this or that" as a response 

3. Give only one response

4.Do not give histopathology details, investigations or any other details in the answer


Hope you will enjoy this activity


Dr Meghana Phiske                                 Dr Geeti Khullar

Coordinator, SIG Dermatopathology    Convener, SIG Dermatopathology


Dr Lalit Gupta                                         Dr Rashmi Jindal

Chairperson, IADVL Academy              Convener, IADVL Academy


Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4
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