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Announcement for National Leprosy day activity 2023: Video/ Poster competition

Jan 12 2023

Dear IADVL members,

Greetings for the New Year 2023!

SIG Leprosy and IADVL Academy & EC are very happy to bring to you an exciting activity for the National Leprosy Day to be observed on 30th January 2023. As you are aware, the theme for celebration of world leprosy day and national leprosy day changes every year, this year’s theme is ‘Act Now- End Leprosy”. We invite participation from the LM/PLM members to send a short video or poster depicting the importance of adherence to the anti-leprosy treatment. The guidelines for the same are as follows:

For video

1.     Time duration – 5 minutes

2.     Original video showing the counselling of real/fictional patients

3.     Language- Local vernacular is to be preferred; translated manuscript to be submitted in case of languages other than Hindi/ English

4.     Compilation of photographs/posters would not be considered as an original video.

For poster

Good quality images of hand drawn posters should be submitted. The images should not be copied pasted from Google or other search engines.

The identity and affiliation of the participant should not be revealed anywhere, failure of which will cause rejection.

We request you to mail your entries to with a CC to  latest by 26th January 2023.

Following things should be mentioned in the submission in the mail text ONLY:


IADVL Membership number

Contact number

Email address

Institute/clinic name with city


The entries will be marked based on content and impact, clarity of message and novelty of ideas. The entries of the first three winners will be displayed during the Leprosy day celebration activities on 29th and 30th  January 2023. The three winners for poster and video will be awarded certificates.


Dr Tarun Narang                  Dr Sunil Gupta                     Dr Pooja Agarwal

Coordinator –SIG leprosy      Convener-SIG Leprosy          Member-SIG Leprosy

Dr Lalit Kumar Gupta                                                Dr Rashmi Jindal

Chairperson, IADVL Academy                                Convener, IADVL Academy

 Dr Rashmi Sarkar           Dr Vijay Zawar           Dr Dinesh K Devaraj

President, IADVL                    President Elect            Hon. Secretary General, IADVL



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