Clinical research online support group for IADVL members and PGs by SIG Dermatology Clinical Research (IADVL Academy)

An online support system for researchers in Dermatology by members of SIG Clinical Research (SIG-DCR) members

Scope, role and execution of support group:

  • Queries may be addressed to a dedicated email id- (email : to which IADVL members or Post graduate students (through their guides), henceforth addressed as “researcher” can address their queries related to research in general and/or research proposals.
  • Kindly clearly mention your IADVL LM/ PLM number
  • The same will be addressed by members of SIG clinical research (IADVL academy).
  • Participation will be purely voluntary (unsolicited) for researcher.
  • They can share their research proposal via given email and ask for any queries, suggestions or advise of SIG members.
  • SIG convener will forward the same to any or all SIG members having special interest or expertise in said area of research or on rotational basis.
  • Then particular member or members will respond to said query to best of his or her ability and further discuss with researcher via email and assist the researcher.
  • Following areas may be covered in support. (Grounds up writing shall not be responsibility of SIG, only suggestions shall be given)
  • Study design/protocol
  • Basic statistical suggestions
  • Choosing journals
  • Plagiarism related queries
  • Funding
  • The study research question, design and any information will be kept confidential and will not be shared. Any SIG member with conflict of interest will recuse himself/herself

Benefits of support group:

  • Often dermatological researchers have original ideas related to research, but poor execution, faulty study design, lack of knowhow of available infrastructure etc. might hinder them from coming out with good quality final products for publication.
  • A very good study might find it difficult to get published because of issues related to manuscript writing/presentation, and wrong selection of journals.
  • Proposed support group can assist them in getting better prepared to face these challenges.

Disclosure from Academy

Online support group for clinical research related query is, support group managed by Indian Association of Dermatologist, Venereologist and Leprologist(IADVL), Special Interest Group(SIG) Dermatology clinical research (henceforth referred to as SIGDCR) under auspices of IADVL academy. You are welcome to participate in discussion on various aspects of clinical research like methodology, study design; ethical issues related to biomedical research, biostatistics and publication standards etc. Participation in discussion is purely voluntary and at the discretion of participant. You can discuss your research with SIGDCR by sending an email the given email ID, and by doing so you are consenting to fully abide and agree to following terms and conditions. You are requested to read it properly and take informed decision about participating in support group.

  1. SIGDCR support is an online platform to discuss issue related to biomedical research among members of IADVL and SIGDCR. Participation is voluntary for both researchers. SIG members can choose to respond or not respond in discussion. Both reserve right to withdraw from discussion at any point of time without giving any validating reason.
  2. SIGDCR support group is a forum for discussion and nowhere claims to have final, infallible or most advanced scientific opinion. Opinion expressed or discussed is that of members of SIG to their best and current scientific knowledge which can be, not the most accurate or most recent one. Participant are expected to take informed decision based on other available literature and expert opinion.
  3. Participant is solemnly responsible for authenticity and correctness of their research idea, study design, and ethical issues related to their biomedical research. At no time shall SIG-DCR or IADVL take any responsibility for any issues arising out of action of researcher in pursuit of their biomedical research. More so, researcher will be solely responsible for planning, execution and publication of their biomedical research. SIGDCR will never participate or be responsible for issues arising during any phase of their biomedical research.
  4. In case of discordance of view point between any members of SIGDCR or any participant regarding prevalent standard of biomedical research set by competent statutory authority where biomedical research is undertaken, it will be sole responsibility of researcher to adhere to most accurate, legal and ethical standards of biomedical research. SIGDCR will not be responsible for any eventuality or legal action arising out of deviation. Additionally, since these guidelines set by competent authority may change from time to time it will be sole responsibility of researcher to make sure to keep abreast of latest gazette notifications so as to ensure adherence of his/her to prevalent updated guidelines.
  5. It will be sole responsibility of researcher to follow all established procedure required for conducting biomedical research at their institute. Members of SIG-DCR may not be fully aware of various necessary procedures at researcher’s institute or place where research is going to be conducted. In case of difference of opinion between SIGDCR members and scientific or ethics review committee where research is going to be undertaken, it will be sole responsibility of researcher to make sure he/she adheres to their institute’s policies and guidelines.

Participants are requested to please sign the disclosure given above and send a scanned version along with your query to

The discussion will be initiated only after receipt of the same

We request your suggestions and feedback at or

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