It is a special task-force created as a brain child of IADVL president Dr Yogesh Marfatia, which was approved in the AGBM in January 2017. It was created in order to address the recent epidemic of dermatophytosis that has affected the whole country. There has been a substantial increase in the load of dermatophytosis in the hospital OPDs and private clinics. Many of these infections are extensive, show poor response to standard therapy and have been recurrent. This has lead to a great burden to the afflicted individuals and families where many members are affected. Poor life quality and economical burden to the affected individuals and the families has been a hallmark of this epidemic. There has been a gross misuse of steroid- antifungal combinations for the treatment of dermatophytosis which seems to have contributed to the current epidemic.


Dr. Madhu Rengarajan (LM/TN/3857)


Dr. Manjunath Shenoy (LM/KN/2878)


Dr. Kabir Sardana (LM/ND/2916)


Dr. Sunil Dogra (LM/P/3954)


Dr. Shital Poojary (LM/M/4189)


Dr. Deepika Pandhi (LM/ND/3772)


Dr. Jyothi Jayaraman (LM/KN/5016)



  1. To sensitize and educate the dermatologists regarding the various aspects of the current epidemic and guide towards management by conducting focussed scientific meetings and by creating educative materials
  2. To educate the family physicians by scientific talks and educative materials regarding the proper management of the infection and to prevent mismanagement.
  3. To promote the awareness towards harmful effects of steroid-antifungal combinations in the treatment. To prevent misuse of such potent steroid based over-the- counter formulations by public awareness.
  4. To evaluate the burden of dermatophytosis in different parts of India and to study the various aspects of the epidemic by research.
  5. To develop guidelines for the treatment of dermatophytosis in the changed scenario


  1. Preparation of a PPT on Tinea management for the family physicians and conduction of GP meetings in various parts of the country
  2. Conduction of two exclusive Symposia on dermatophytosis; 12 th February at Mangalore and on 2 nd & 3 rd September at Chandigarh.
  3. Participating and holding ITART sessions to educate the dermatologists at various IADVL conferences including the CUTICONS, DERMAZONES, MIDDERMNACON etc. This included lectures, panel discussions, quizzes etc.
  4. Preparation of the materials in the form of pamphlets and posters for the education and counselling and distribution to dermatology clinics and hospitals across the country. Holding public awareness marches and runs.
  5. Publications on articles related to dermatophytosis in journals and books.
  6. Published two news bulletins; one for the dermatologists (TINEA TIMES) and other for the GPs (FUNGI TIMES).
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