Secretary General Speaks

Dr. K Feroz


Dear IADVLites,


It is a great moment of honour and pride for to be part of  the IADVL Executive Committee 2020.

Let me take this opportunity to express a sincere gratitude to each one of you for the support, affection and confidence showered on us. Your faith in us and constant encouragement have been a source of inspiration to embark on this new responsibilities and to work tirelessly for an eventful year ahead.

Last one year was a great learning experience under Dr Narasimha Rao, Dr Umashankar, Dr Shashi, my teacher and mentor Dr Ramesh Bhat and other ECM. A lot of welcome changes had been initiated in the recent past. An office of our own, a dynamic, interactive web site, an official colour for the association, lot of academic activities throughout the year, etc. Since last few years the association has grown its wings globally. Thanks to our seniors, dedicated members and seasoned faculty and vibrant branches who helped us to reach such heights.

Looking forward for a great year under Dr Kiran Godse, and team consisting Dr Jayadev Betkerur, Dr Manjunath Shenoy, Dr Rashmikant Shah, Dr Rakhesh , Dr KV Chalam and Dr Anuradha.

A lot of Presidential initiatives has been announced for the coming year. And many academic events being planned under Academy as well. Trust your co-operation in these endeavours , which will strengthen the bond among IADVL members , making our association more popular and purposeful.

I thank all our predecessors who lead the path and for all their guidance.  We seek your blessings, support and co-operation in our journey towards fetching glory to our association.

With warm regards,

Dr. K Feroz
Honorary Secretary General, IADVL

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