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Announcement of selected authors for Postgraduate Textbook of Aesthetics

Dec 18 2021

Dear all,

Applications were invited for authorship of the ‘Postgraduate Textbook of Aesthetics’, from the members of the IADVL.

The editorial board composed of Dr Sandeep Arora (Chief Editor), Dr Gillian Ruth Britto (Associate Editor) and Dr Neerja Puri/ Dr Shishira R Jartarkar (Assistant Editors) have evaluated all the applications and suggested the assignment of authors to chapters. The approved list of authors is attached for information of all.

We wish the editors and selected authors all the best and hope that this title will be a handy reference for all our members.

Thanks and regards

Dr. Devi K

(IADVL Publication Co-Ordinator) 

Dr Deepika Pandhi                                                        Dr Dipankar De

(Chairperson, IADVL Academy)                                   (Convener, IADVL Academy)

Dr Jayadev Betkerur                                                     Dr Feroz K

(President, IADVL)                                                         (Hon. Secretary General, IADVL)

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