E Library

Dear Members,

The IADVL-E library project was initiated in 2012 to allow IADVL members access to journal articles that are otherwise too expensive to download.

Articles from the following journals can be obtained within 24 hours by writing to iadvlejournals2015@gmail.com, or to their respective state nominees (Pls see the list attached) mentioning your IADVL membership number and providing the citation, URL or PMID/DOI details:

  1. Journal of Cutaneous Pathology
  2. Pediatric Dermatology
  3. The Journal of Dermatology
  4. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology
  5. International Journal of Dermatology

With the number of users who can be provided access is limited, the following categories (Members of the IADVL EC, Members of the IADVL Academy, Editorial board members of IJDVL and IDOJ residing within India, 2 nominees from each state branch (nominated by the state EC, if not nominated this year, previous year’s nominated members are carried forward)) are being provided access this year (2021), as approved by the IADVL Executive Committee.

Dr. Sudipta Roy

IADVL E-library

Dr. Lalit Gupta

IADVL Academy

Dr. Rashmi Jindal

IADVL Academy

Dr. Vijay Zawar


Dr. D Dinesh Kumar

Hon. Secretary General,

List of Members with E-Library Access (2023):