Presidential Initiatives

Holistic Health For the Members:

Holistic health is an approach that involves the whole person - body, mind, spirit, and emotions—rather than just focusing on a specific health-related event. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of all aspects of an individual's well-being and aims to achieve balance and harmony in these areas to promote overall health and wellness. We are committed to initiating several activities for the members well-being through our “I’m Well Taskforce." Please join the physical and online virtual activities directed towards the physical, social, emotional, and recreational aspects of health and give your feedback. We believe in “IADVL beyond academics.”


Chalo-Pathshala is an educational and awareness-raising activity for teenagers. These activities are held in colleges and high schools, with special emphasis on dermatoses in that age group, such as acne, hair diseases, pigmentation, skin care routines, photoprotection, etc. This is a community activity with the objectives of understanding skin health care and demystifying the young generation from the harmful effects of over-the-counter and social media-promoted products.

IADVL Brand Building:

Through positive community and media coverage of our events, we shall involve in building and strengthening the image and reputation of IADVL. This is made possible by organizing planned events with the goal of creating a distinct identity, encouraging favourable connections, and promoting a sense of loyalty and trust among our patients and the community at large. With the website committee and community dermatology's cooperation, the media cell will take the lead in this. Print, FM radio, TV, and social media will all feature IADVL's Health Day activities. Among the other efforts will be putting the IADVL logo in a more visible position, marketing through affiliates, certifying member’s clinics as IADVL-certified (Certification Plaque), and hosting records (such as the Limca book, Guinness book, etc.).