DVL Trust

Our association, IADVL, in its endeavor to help the members in their hour of need has evolved a mutual benefit scheme. This is scheme where an enrolled member of IDVL will be given certain amount at the time of need. The scheme is managed by DVL WELFARE TRUST which is headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat. All Life members (LMs) and their family members (as beneficiary members) can join this scheme. The member’s nominee will get the benefit amount in case of an unfortunate event to the member. Benefit amount increases with addition of more members to the scheme as the amount is calculated as Rs 450 x n (n= number of enrolled members). The LMs can also avail professional Indemnity benefit by paying additional amount. For further details please visit www.dvlwelfaretrust.org

The forms for enrolment for LMs and Family members ( beneficiary member forms ) can be downloaded below. You need to take print sign, attach your photo and send to address given in form. The amount to be paid, documents needed and mode of payment are detailed in the forms.

We hope all of you will join the DVL WELFARE TRUST mutual benefit scheme which is by IADVLites, for IADVLites and of IADVLites. Join the scheme help yourself and help others.

To learn more about DVL welfare trust, visit www.dvlwelfaretrust.org